Taiwan Semiconductor Revenue Report Did Not Meet Expectations, Q2 Total Revenue Exceeded Expectations

Investing. com – Taiwan Semiconductor, in its earnings report for the second quarter, released Thursday, income could not keep up with the analyst’s claims and stated that the claims were above it.

The company said its total revenue was 13.29B with revenue per share of 0.9251. com surveys analysts had expected the company to generate revenue of 0.9316 per share and overall revenue of 13.22B.

Taiwan Semiconductor Follows other major revenue reports in the Technology segment

On June 17, Adobe said its total revenue was 3.84B, with 3.03 revenue per share in the second quarter. Expectations were for 2.81 revenue per share, with a total revenue of 3.73B.

On June 24, Accenture’s revenues exceeded analyst estimates and posted a revenue of 2.4 per share in the third quarter, totaling 13.26B. investing. com analysts had expected revenue of 2.24 per share for a total revenue of 12.81B.

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