TAG Heuer Introduces Super Mario Themed Smart Watch

The Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, which first aroused curiosity with a promotional image recently TAG Heuer, finally Amazing Mario has lifted the curtain on its new custom smartwatch. Thus, the smartwatch of TAG Heuer Connected Wear OS is a finite number version of appeared.

The work comes with a 45 mm case, M logo for Mario on the crown and two straps, one of which is red rubber and black leather, with gluttony perforated red rubber. In general, we can say that slight cosmetic changes have been made to the watch. The watch is said to use a “gamification reward system” with nods from Mario and Mushroom Kingdom-themed animations that play as you reach various step goals throughout the day. Additionally, four new Mario watch faces are offered, with a timekeeping dial in the middle with “retro elements from the 1985 version of Marvelous Mario Bros. with Mario, all in pixels”.

It is stated that Tag Heuer is considering making these Mario features available in other versions of TAG Heuer Connected in a later step. The new Mario watch falls right on the upper end of the Connected series and carries a price tag of $2,150. Tag Heuer will manufacture just 2,000 units of the watch, which will be available in select regions in its boutique stores and on its website from July 15.

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