Surprising result in Nintendo’s lawsuit


Nintendo approx. 2 years ago against the founder of RomUniverse, a pirate site litigation filed has resulted. At the end of the case, Nintendo 2. $1 million payout was decided to be made. However, this payment will be very different from what is known.

The court stated that the site was essentially shut down. a permanent precautionary measurerejected. However, Nintendo wants the court to reconsider this decision. Because RomUniverse that it can be started again

There are signs of .

Nintendo will receive $50 monthly payment for case won

Nintendo, hacking sites and services is taking legal action against it. game company, RomUniverse

He sued several sites offering pirated games, including two years ago. This site, which also offers movies and books, with major online copyright infringement faced. Moreover, Nintendo also announced that the site premium features said that he received a price from users for access.

The owner of the website based in Los Angeles Matthew Storman

(mtag101705) openly disagreed with these arguments and decided to defend himself in court without a lawyer. In his view, the site random item was not violating. For this reason, he asked the court to dismiss the case. But Storman, millions of dollars compensation it was facing.

After discussions with Nintendo’s legal team last summer, Storman said: closing the site agreed. Although Nintendo was happy with this situation, the case continued. The company took action within a short period of time and millions of dollars compensation requested. As a result of the case 2. $1 million payout was decided to be made. But the interesting thing is that this payment, monthly installments of 50 dollars split. This is Storman. 3. for 525 years It means paying Nintendo $50 a month.

However, Storman did not make this payment. That’s why Nintendo made its decision to the court. should review suggested. According to Nintendo, Storman’s monthly not making even a modest payment of $50

(mtag101705) requires a permanent precautionary measure.


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