Surprising Decision from Facebook: Will Instagram Be the Medicine of Facebook?

Facebook keeps losing blood. Especially PC, which makes its interface difficult to look at with updates, and makes it chaotic by changing the location of the menus with dozens of new settings added. Facebook team, now its cure Searching on Instagram:Instagram will direct people to Facebook!


The Facebook group, which decided to use the application to return people to Facebook, will encourage people to link their Instagram accounts to Facebook. In the statement, ” We’re testing a way to let people who connect their Instagram accounts to Facebook stay informed about the features available on Facebook, such as how to find jobs, buy and sell goods and services, keep up with the latest news, and date online.” is called.

It may not make much sense that the company will follow this path to promote its billion-user application and another application. However, it seems that this way, which is described as quite aggressive, was needed in order for Facebook to survive. Let’s see if this choice of the team will work. .

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