Supply Problem in Computer Hardware Market May Resolve

Especially technology enthusiasts in our country complain about not being able to access the works for many reasons. In the midst of these reasons, there are the pandemic process, shipping problems, stock problems and, most importantly, prices. However, if we look at many different news in the last period, the developments are positive.

Hardware researcher Jon Peddie Research (JPR) has released its gaming hardware market research covering computers, components and peripherals. The computer hardware market has both flourished and slumped over the past year. Financially, there are developments, but many consumers did not find what they expected. Indeed, people could not find the works they were looking for and faced very high prices.

One of the reasons hardware manufacturers were unable to procure enough devices to meet demand was that they were not operating at full capacity and were cautious about inventory.

JPR analysts say it has adopted new business strategies to meet demand for its works and avoid spikes in prices. As a result, the inventory of artifacts and sales are expected to increase significantly in the coming period. “Suppressed demand from unusually high prices will be met in the coming years,” says JPR Leader Jon Peddie.

JPR predicts that PC gaming hardware sales will reach $33 billion by 2021, despite demand not being met. In 2020, the total volume was at the level of 22 billion.

If we recall the statements of the AMD CEO, he said that by the end of the year, chip supply issues would decrease. However, a different study showed that the prices of memory used in many components will gradually return to normal. JPR’s overall survey also yielded positive results. In other words, it seems that towards the end of 2021, consumers will face a better picture.

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