Super Mario 64 sells for record price

Interest in digital artworks has increased with Jack Dorsey selling the first Tweet as NFT. Located in the middle of legendary games Superior Mario 64,It is available for sale as NFT.

Record price from NFT version of superior Mario 64

The NFT craze continues to increase. Over the past few months, the Marvelous Mario Bros. unopened copy of the game for 660 thousand dollars has been sold.

A sealed copy of the marvelous Mario 64 at Heritage Auction 1. $56 million has been sold. The amazing Mario 64 ever sold become the most valuable game has the feature.

First 3d game, Super Mario 64 is one of the most legendary versions in the history of the game. Super Mario 64, released with Nintendo’s N64 console, is known as the first game where we saw the Mario character in the 3D world.

The Mario series, which set the game industry’s direction, reached its climax with the Marvelous Mario 64. Grand Theft Auto and Kingdom Hearts

Marvelous Mario 64, which inspired games such as , won the title of the game sold for the highest price as NFT.

2 days ago The Legend of ZeldaA copy dated 1987 870 thousand dollarssold. The Legend of Zelda, one of the famous games such as the magnificent Mario series,


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