Statement from Visa to Delight the Cryptocurrency World

Cryptocurrencies are now available to everyone who uses social media or follows the agenda. Especially in the last few years which is not on our agenda these virtual currencies are available in many places with restrictionsor with bans is facing. On the other hand, there are some who are trying to keep crypto money alive. companies, we even see that there are countries. Today these companies Payment Giant Visa in front of us.

According to what Visa, which is widely used around the world, says associated with cryptocurrency card usage has made a valuable progress in the first half of 2021 compared to last year. In addition, the company states that it will take steps to facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies. Let’s look at the details together.

“We are doing a lot to create an ecosystem where cryptocurrencies are used as much as any other currency”

According to the statements made by Visa, the expenditures of consumers on crypto money contact cards in the first 6 months of 2021, 1 billion dollars (approximately 8.7 billion TL) is outdated. a precise measure not given, we can say that this size is quite large for 6 months.

of Visa in finance department admin which Vasant Prabhu told CNBC about the payments giant’s investments in the cryptocurrency space:

We are doing a lot to make cryptocurrency more useful and to create an ecosystem where all other currencies are used. Humans are exploring ways to use cryptocurrencies for what they use regular currencies for. Volatility vs. There are many issues in terms of But it is up to the owners of the cryptocurrencies to manage and monitor

Additionally Prabhu, in the network of people buying cryptocurrency too much volume you see and to see will continue states that he thinks. In addition, Visa is responsible for the FTX cryptocurrency platform’s consumer and business spending. which makes it more practical Fintech Fast Track Program announced that it will be included.

Apart from Visa, we are well acquainted Mastercard seems to be making investments in this field. The company is known to be working on launching a card that will allow users to earn cryptocurrencies as rewards. According to the information, card users will not be able to access their digital wallets in this system.


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