Spotify’s Disappeared Feature 2 Years Ago Is Back!

The world’s most recognized music streaming service Spotify has added the truth swipe down option to the app to search for music in playlists on Android phones. This feature is approximately was removed from the system two years ago.

This isn’t actually a very valuable change, but not being able to scroll down to search was a shortcoming that users occasionally complained about. Considering that there are about 3,000 forum threads opened on this issue, it was seen that the number of people who were disturbed by the issue was quite high. After Spotify’s new update, Android users will no longer have to get lost in the middle of menus to find a song or filter their playlist using title, artist or album name.

The update has been complaining about the improved functionality of the uncomfortable app since Spotify has been offering a more advanced app on iOS devices than Androids for years. Spotify users on Android will make you happy. In addition to searching by swiping down, iOS users can also do processes to like, dislike or add them to the playing order by swiping left or right on the music.

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