Spotify Premium is free for TikTok installers! How to take

Today Instagram’s biggest competitor and TikTok, which continues to grow day by day, has received a collaboration news that will make users happy. In many countries including England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, especially Turkey. TikTok users, Get Spotify Premium free for three or four months can have.

How to get free Spotify Premium account?

Of course, to take advantage of this opportunity, you must meet certain conditions. The age of the users in the subject of the word 18 or larger, they must also not have previously subscribed to Spotify Premium. So if you haven’t had a Premium account before and you meet the age criteria, you can try it for free for three months.

1 – ) Login to TikTok application and type “Spotify” in the search field in the rewards tab.

2 – ) When you click on the result, you will see that a special code has been created for you. By entering this code in the Spotify app, you can enjoy Premium for free for three months.

The campaign is valid between 12 July – 25 July 2021, so it will not be possible to use these promotional codes given after 25 July.

The short-form image sharing app and leading music streaming platform announced the offer in an official release this morning shared with Digital Music News. TikTok users in the countries in question must receive a “unique code” that will enable them to activate the offer, provided they are 18 years of age or older and “not previously subscribed to Spotify Premium”. The promotion comes nearly seven months after Apple Music offered a free four-month trial to TikTok users.

These eligible parties can access the unique code from the “For You” and “Discover” pages, through a profile icon in the “Me” tab, or even by searching “Spotify” on TikTok, and the paperwork progresses. That said, it’s worth repeating that the TikTok-focused Spotify Premium free trial deadline (three or four months) will depend on one’s country, and the Stockholm-based company raised the cost of multiple subscription plans in Europe earlier this year.

For reference, 34 percent of the 356 million monthly active users (MAUs) Spotify reported in its distribution of interests in Q1 2021 lived in Europe, which is home to 40 percent of the service’s 158 million Spotify Premium accounts. And according to Bloomberg, as of late September 2020, the average British TikTok user spent 66 minutes a day on the app, opening the app 13 times in 24 hours. Norway’s 1.2 million TikTok users each spent an average of 74 minutes per day on the platform, the source said, corresponding to 11 million MAUs in France, 10.7 million MAUs in Germany and 9.8 million MAUs in Italy.

Not included in the short version, details about the broader, cross-promotional partnership between Spotify and TikTok played a valuable role in the commercial success of the latter, such as Benee and Hoobastank. Also, TikTok trends have enabled some action to secure major brand endorsements and help yesterday’s stars find new fans – its supplement may have set the stage for big paydays.
In a statement to the Spotify subsidiary, David Nunez, TikTok’s growth leader for Europe, said: “TikTok is an audio, immersive experience with music at the heart of the way people create and interact with content on the platform. With Spotify Premium, we’re delighted to bring this offer to our community and help them enjoy more of the artists and segments they know on TikTok. ”

It has recently emerged that ByteDance shelved its TikTok IPO plans after meeting with Chinese regulators, and Triller’s widely publicized lawsuit against TikTok was officially transferred from Texas to California. And about a week ago, Spotify bundled its Mac app with a beta to test compatibility with Apple M1 processors.


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