Speedtest Android version updated: Here’s what’s new

If you have tried to measure the speed of your internet connection before, you probably Speedtest

You may have encountered . Speedtest has been around for a long time and has an app for all platforms that allows you to quickly track your internet speed from almost any device.

in February Ookla to allow the app to measure the streaming experience of users. to iOS version introduced a new feature. Now finally image quality testBrings it to Android version.

Image speed test with Speedtest comes to Android

On Monday, Ookla announced that it has released its video streaming test for its Android app. When you update to the latest version of the Speedtest app on your Android device, a new Image tab you will see.

New test, users’ current internet a high quality streaming experience allows them to quickly understand whether it supports it or not. your internet Publishing 4K footage

For it is always raw to see if it is fast enough. if you could count on bandwidth, image testing is a more practical and easy-to-understand benchmark for non-technical users.

Image streaming testing is now available in the latest version of the Speedtest app. If you want to check whether your mobile internet or fixed internet can stream 4K video, you can download the new version of Speedtest from the contact below.

Speedtest Android app here you can download.


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