Special Options for Eid from Hakman

Many people, who take advantage of the upcoming holiday, have already made their holiday plans. While the suitcases are starting to be prepared, the list of works to be taken together for a peaceful and comfortable holiday is also being prepared.

Bringing the world’s giant brands in consumer electronics to the Turkish market. Hakman offers a well-equipped portfolio of artifacts for a wide variety of needs, from individual coffee enjoyment to technology accessories to creative cooking. For those who want to look well-groomed and pleasant on holiday, BaByliss’s works for men and women for every budget make a difference. While Baseus’ products that set the trends in technology offer attractive options, Cuisinart is a candidate to be the best assistant in the kitchen for users who are passionate about creative cooking. While Melitta coffee machines bring the passion for coffee to the peak, Laurastar, the expert in ironing, allows users to save time and effort.

For those who say that they do not go out without care during the holidays; BaByliss

BaByliss, the president brand of personal care, offers hair styling in salon professionalism for women who do not want to compromise on elegance and care on vacation. The BaByliss Hydro-Fusion Hair Dryer provides care while drying the hair, making it look shiny and preventing frizz. It softens the hair and saturates it with moisture. The 2100 W high-performance hair dryer with advanced plasma ion technology provides powerful, fast drying with obvious smoothing. Plasma emits a mixture of negative and positive ions, which helps to create uniform volume. It leaves hair irresistibly soft and shiny with a natural volume.

Hydro-Fusion Air Blown Hair Styler, on the other hand, shapes the hair while moisturizing it. The work, which has advanced plasma ion technology, has a 700 W high-performance, 50 mm double-direction rotating brush. The voluminous plasma emits a mixture of negative and positive ions, leaving hair with a soft and natural voluminous shine.

BaByliss, which has become a popular brand especially for men in the last period, is ready to be one of the best holiday companions with its hair and beard cutting and styling product family. BaByliss Japanese steel series, manufactured using Japanese steel, with precision cutter and foil shaving head; The BaByliss E990E Japanese Steel Digital Hair Clipper consists of the BaByliss T890E Japanese Steel Beard Trimmer and Trimmer and the BaByliss MT890E Japanese Steel 12 Head Face & Body Grooming Kit. The MT890E Japanese Steel 12 Head facial and body care kit is a highly capable and functional device. Designed in a waterproof form, the work offers the opportunity to be used easily in the shower with its strong and multi-directional feature. The digital LED display shows the remaining battery charge, the lock function and the selected setting. Thanks to its lithium-ion battery, it provides exceptional wireless performance for up to 160 minutes.

Add comfort to your holiday with Baseus!

Due to the pandemic, the existence of technological works that make life easier during the holidays gained even more importance. Baseus will be with you throughout the holiday with its technological, trend-friendly and environment-friendly works by sticking to innovation and aesthetics in its designs. A large number of works such as portable chargers, wireless headphones, in-car accessories, wireless charging units, cables, converters and USB hubs, game accessories and phone cases are among Baseus’ works that make life easier.

Cuisinart inspires the most delicious meals

If you are planning to spend your holiday in an isolated form in a rental villa or cottage and you prefer to cook yourself, Cuisinart may be one of your closest friends during the holiday. Cuisinart series models are ready to be your biggest support in displaying your skills, especially for holiday tables that bring your loved ones together. Cuisinart, a brand devoted to the culinary arts, has a wide portfolio of works that inspire creative cooking. Cuisinart Stand Mixer SM50E has the ability to mix, knead and make mortar thanks to its elliptical rotation (around itself and around the bowl). It can be controlled electronically with a single button and has 12 speed settings suitable for different functions. It provides ease of use with its 5 liter stainless steel mixing bowl. Cuisinart appliances take their place in the middle of kitchens with highly functional devices such as small food processor, multifunctional grills, professional ice cream maker.

Laurastar: Not a portable iron, but a holiday companion!

An effective and practical iron is one of the most needed pieces during the holidays. If looking stylish is your priority, it is not easy to find an iron on the floor every time you go. Ergonomic enough to carry with you on vacation, Laurastar IGGI may be a spot-on choice for you. Thanks to its compact size that can be carried quickly, Laurastar IGGI offers more than a standard steam straightener to smooth out wrinkles for last-minute outfit changes. Thanks to DMS dry steam technology and its power at the same time, IGGI softens, plumps and revitalizes clothes under high pressure, and opens the wrinkles of all weaving works, including the most delicate ones, and beautifies them.

Relieve your coffee passion with Melitta on holiday!. .

If you want to enjoy a cup of coffee without going out in your summer house, Melitta’s coffee machines are just for you. . . In the middle of Melitta’s works, Avanza takes the lead among the most compact fully automatic coffee machines in the world, representing the latest technology with a width of 20 centimeters. With consumer-friendly functions, Avanza provides aromatic coffee pleasure thanks to its new pump control and ideal contact time in the middle of coffee and water. Thanks to its extra-large coffee bean compartment and 1.5 liter water tank, Avanza can easily compete with the ‘big ones’. Avanza, which stands out with its integrated easy milk frothing system, helps you to make coffee with milk specialties prepared by baristas at your residence quickly.

Melitta Aroma Fresh Filter Coffee Machine, on the other hand, ensures that the required amount of coffee beans are grinded freshly. The coffee falls directly into the filter bag and the brewing process starts automatically. This direct connection between the grinder and the filter bag ensures that the 800 aromas contained in the coffee are preserved with the freshness of the first moment. Coffee lovers can choose the strength of the coffee to be light, medium or strong, completely according to their personal tastes.

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