Special Monitor for Those Who Spend Long Time in Front of the Screen from LG

Employees in some occupational clusters have to spend very long hours in front of the monitor due to their jobs. This obligatory condition returns to them as head, neck, shoulder and back pain, eye strain, and spine and posture disorders.

LG Ergo monitors help professionals to protect their health and comfort with their ability to be moved easily to all sides. Employees can adjust the monitors to the desired angle and their own body condition, so they can find the most appropriate position for their posture, work style and comfort. Ergo stand, which is located on the monitors and created based on the design logic compared to eye level; Apart from flexibility, it makes it possible to expand and contract the screen in an ergonomic form, rotate, rotate it around its axis, raise and tilt it. LG’s technologically and ergonomically developed stand allows each user to create a workstation that perfectly fits their needs, and helps the user develop a good physical posture thanks to its high level of adjustability. Thus, professionals enjoy unprecedented comfort, while increasing their efficiency and productivity.

3840×2160 UHD 4K IPS/VESA Display Offering an extraordinary landscape quality with HDR400 and sRGB 99%, LG UltraFine Monitors (model 27UN880-B) 27 inch 4K IPS screen offers a comfortable viewing experience by reducing color shift from different viewing points. The compact design of the 27UN880 also takes up very little space on the desktop and provides easy operation. 27UN880-B’s USB-C Single Cable solution, allowing users to work in a clutter-free environment; It provides a clear 4K display, laptop charging power (up to 60W) and information transfer with a single cable.

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