Sony Announces New Wireless SRS-NB10 Model

One of the world’s leading companies in consumer electronics Sony, although it has not been able to show itself in the smartphone field lately, the issue is speaker and headphones is still in the middle of the most thesis companies when it comes to works. Sony, which has received a lot of appreciation from its users for these works, is the new wireless speaker model SRS-NB10 with us.

The SRS-NB10 model is from their residence aims at individuals who do it. In this context, this speaker; to meetingsmust join, to a pure voice who need to be able to turn their microphone on and off easily even if using a portable device, and of course comfortable seems to be going to pretty good users who need a piece of art. Here are the highlights and price of the SRS-NB10 model:

The model, which is designed very lightly for carrying all day, offers a very nice interview experience.

The NB10 model, as we have just said, has many features that will be useful for people working from the residence. First of all, thanks to the design of this speaker, you can have your conversations clearly and without disturbing other individuals in the room. The upper truth on speaker with facing audio units two microphones exists. The sound from these microphones is Precise Voice Pickup

It is processed with the technology named and your voice is cleared of unwanted things such as echo and delivered to the other party.

In addition, on the speaker to turn your microphone on or off

There is a button that works . This seemingly small detail is especially frequent. participating in meetings we can say that it is a very neat touch for individuals.

NB10 offers users Up to 20 hours offers a battery life. Although this period will vary according to your usage form, it will take you away on a heavy working day. halfway will not let go we can say. In addition to this respite, this model, Up to 1 hour with a 10 minute charge can offer battery life. NB10’s charging process, Type-C.

Our wireless speaker to 2 devices at once can connect. In this way, if we think that you have connected it to both your computer and your smartphone, we will receive a random message from a random search for a precious we can say that you will not miss it. In other words, the speaker, which switches very quickly in the middle of the two devices, allows you to continue your music interrupted due to the conversation. relationship again doesn’t bother.

Let’s come to the price:

SRS-NB10 model, charcoal gray and white with two color options, this year’s in september is expected to appear. If the exit price $149.99 (approximately 1300 TL)

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