Sold Game Records for $32; This Sale Ended in Jail!


It can be said that is notorious for its copyright infringement policies, where it frequently sues and demands large sums of money. For example, in 2018, the Japanese firm, With a married couple who run ROM websites reached a settlement of 12 million dollars.

Now a 27-year-old person, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was arrested in Japan for allegedly selling modified registration papers. However, this time there is no indication that Nintendo is actively involved in the case.

Japanese media outlet SoraNews24, 27, of Chinese descent Ichimin Sho was arrested in Tokyo for selling modified save data for Nintendo’s well-known 2017 game. Sho for 3,500 yen ($32)” last record data” on e-commerce websites that sold. This “product” sold contained the benefits, statistics and few items that the buyer wanted.

The ad caught the attention of the Niigata Prefectural Police, who on Thursday decided to arrest Sho for violating Japan’s “Unfair Competition Restraint Act.” Given the name of the game, one might wonder how Sho’s actions in a single-player game affect the competition, but this data Nintendo Switch

It may be worth pointing out that it necessarily violates the rule in about “providing services to circumvent technical constraints”.

It is also certain that the case is unique with its general structure. Sho argues that he was simply distributing the altered registration information, that the change itself was carried out by a now-unidentified misdemeanor. Sho pleaded guilty to the charges against him and further revealed that he has been in business since December 2019, earning 10 million yen (about $91,000) in the process.

Let’s repeat; In this case, there is no indication that Nintendo is actively involved in legal processes.

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