SoftBank to Invest $75M in Peter Thiel-Backed Cryptocurrency Exchange

Japanese financial giant SoftBank will make a $75 million investment in the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange.

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According to the news of Bloomberg, SB Northstar, a wholly owned subsidiary of Japanese financial giant SoftBank, is preparing to invest $ 75 million in Bullish, the crypto company behind the crypto money exchange, which received the support of billionaire Peter Thiel and has not started operating now.

The company will have 7.5 million shares as a module of the contract.

Although the blockchain company is not operational now, it has already made a lot of noise due to the large money invested. Bullish is also Block, the developer of the EOS blockchain. It is also known as a sub-company of one company. block. one currently owns $5.2 billion worth of Bitcoin.

SoftBank invested $200 million in Mercado Bitcoin, Brazil’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, at the beginning of June.

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