Skype Insider Preview Updated to Version

With the effect of the ongoing pandemic in the past year, the popularity of online invitations has increased considerably. For this reason, the use of applications that allow making online invitations continues to increase day by day. Although Microsoft has centered more on the Microsoft Teams application in this process, Skype continues to be updated with new features from time to time, especially in terms of Insider structures. Skype Insider Preview build 8. 72. 76. 44 was released a few months ago. The update came with the ability to lock meetings and background blurring on the web version of Skype. Now the application is updated to version 8. 74. 76. 129.

The changelog published for the update seems rather short. However, a number of different features are still included in the update for Skype users. One of these features is the support of animated backgrounds in GIF format during video calls. To use this feature, all you have to do is select one of the GIFs available in the device’s local storage. However, there is now also the added bonus of being able to customize invite reactions. In addition, the iOS version of Skype has the feature of sharing documents via chat.

In addition to all this, the Android version of Skype now supports split windows. This means that hardware such as Surface Duo, Samsung DeX and Chromebooks can now use this feature. Microsoft also states that the feature is designed to provide users with desktop-like experiences on non-desktop devices.

Finally, it should be noted that the new update will be offered to users gradually in the next few days.

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