SK hynix Announces 1anm Memory Manufacturing Technology

SK hynix, the next evolution of memory chip manufacturing using extreme ultraviolet (EUV) equipment. announced. Using this technology, the company will be able to mass-produce fourth-generation 10nm DRAM artifacts, which are more heavily packaged than the last generation process. SK hynix is ​​the new node that replaces 1chnm released in 2019. 1anm. The higher density of 1a technology will also allow the company to remove 25 percent more chips from the same wafer size than 1z.

In terms of improvements, the new 1anm technology will allow LPDDR4 memory to reach 4266 MHz, which has so far only been associated with LPDDR4X chips. Alongside the higher speed, power consumption is expected to drop by 20 percent. When you consider its easy mass production feature, the new 1a process will be quite useful for smartphones. Some of these phones with 1anm chips are expected to be released in the second half of this year.

SK hynix uses 1anm in LPDDR4 for use in smartphones, but it has been announced last year. DDR5 in the works also hopes to use this process.

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