Samsung’s first 8-year-old smartwatch bids farewell to Android



Samsung will soon discontinue its supplement for an old device. The company’s first smartwatch with Android operating system Galaxy Gear will join the caravan of technological artifacts that have lost their support. But still, the company will give luck to those who still use this model, to switch to the new operating system.

Galaxy Gear will be deprived of Galaxy Store services

Samsung, camera-equipped smartwatch 2013

Original since its release on Galaxy Gear Android apps support. however, Sam Mobile’

According to , Samsung, August 5, 2021

from Galaxy Store will terminate its services, so the applications on the smart watch will also lose its reinforcement.

Samsung warns device owners to switch to Tizen

Samsung, to keep Galaxy Gear owners on watch to continue receiving Galaxy Store apps. Tizen stated that they need to update to the OS. Switching to Tizen; It means losing user data and not providing reinforcement for some applications. However, Samsung is the first to update the Tizen update. 2014

Published in . So there was plenty of time to switch to the new operating system.

This notification may not reach many users. More than one Galaxy Gear owner probably upgraded to higher devices. However, if anyone still uses these smart watches, they have a chance to update Tizen.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 price revealed

few days ago Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The price of was revealed. The expected smart watch 380-400 Euros will be available in the price band. Device 40mm

(mtag101705) and 44mm

It will come in sizes. In addition, stylish and functional features will be included in the watch.

You Samsung Galaxy Gear what do you think about cutting off its support for smart watches You can specify in the comments.


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