Samsung Signs Its Own Signature on Tesla’s Cybertruck!

that everyone is waiting for eagerly Tesla Cybertruck

Rear view of , signed by Samsung ” to mirrors“. According to the South Korean press, Samsung and Tesla, at the cost of 436 million dollars made a treaty. According to this agreement, Samsung’s camera modules will form the basis of Cybertruck’s rear view mirrors.

We basically knew that we would not see the classic mirrors in Cybertruck. The prototype vehicle on display uses a series of cameras connected to the instrument panel displays instead of the conventional rear-view mirrors. So Cybertruck to a mirrorless design thus becomes absolute.

The establishment of Samsung and Tesla’s subsidiaries around HOUSING technologies does not start with Cybertruck. The Korean technology giant had previously provided Tesla with some technologies, including batteries. The reports are about the new Samsung-developed PixCell LED headlight also indicates it will be used by Tesla for its future EVs.

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