Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Will Have 16GB Internal Memory

The works priced in the wearable technology category continue to expand their place in the section. One of the most valuable reasons for this is that they have the potential to offer the opportunity to finally ‘drop’ the smartphones we have not dropped from our hands. Because smart watches, in addition to their health-related features, come into close contact with smart phones. allows us to connect with our surroundings without touching the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic, which are one of the parties of the competition in this field, both with the new Exynos W920 chipset, according to the news of SamMobile. much better performance will offer both charge will last longer. According to other information from a direct source, the storage space of Samsung’s new watches is also doubled.

Internal storage expands to 16GB

The Galaxy Watch3 series had 8GB of internal memory. Although this seems enough for an hour, there is of course a reason behind the decision. The reason why this number has been increased to 16GB in Watch4 is Google’s Request to switch to Wear OS. With this transition, users will be able to access wearable technology applications in the Google Play Store and will be able to access the device thanks to the increase in storage space. more apps will be able to be installed. Music saved in the internal memory will also take the user experience one step further.

As Samsung announced its new Wear OS-based One UI software, a speaker said, all apps on smartphones said it will also be available on the Galaxy Watch4 as long as the Wear OS versions are used on the devices. In short, increasing the storage space is about to come in handy.


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