Samsung Announces Its First mini LED Gaming Monitor

South Korean technology giant Samsung, brand new gaming monitor Odyssey Neo G9 announced. The monitor, which is a new version of the company’s Odyssey G9 model, which has been on the market for a while, has a special place for Samsung. Because Samsung is the first time on a gaming monitor Small LED technology used. So what does Samsung’s new gaming monitor promise to gamers?

Samsung’s Odyssey Neo G9 player monitor, 32:9 ultra wide aspect ratio. Offering Dual-QHD (5.120 x 1.440 pixels) resolution, this screen seems to attract the attention of gamers with its curved structure. The small LED technology of the monitor makes blacks appear deeper, compared to LCD, LED and OLED panels. higher brightness promises higher contrast and a much smoother HDR performance.

Introducing the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

Samsung did not make very detailed statements about the new player monitor. But when we accept that this model is an advanced version of the Odyssey G9, 1 ms delay delay time, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, Nvidia G-Sync, we can say that it will have technical features such as HDR10 + and DisplayHDR 600. Also, HDMI and DisplayPort seems to be one of the most natural features of this monitor.

Details on the price of the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 for now unknown. The most valuable thing we can say in this bet is that it will compete with the most beautiful in the branch. This is the monitor price will be quite high

It means . If you wish, let us leave you alone with the promotional image prepared for the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9. Samsung’s new monitor will be released on July 29.


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