Ryzen Threadripper 5000 Series Coming in August

AMD, which has kept its silence for the HEDT (High End Desktop) platform for a long time, seems to be preparing to make a new attack soon. According to the information leaked by MoePC Ryzen Threadripper 5000 series will be released in August.

Chagali” codename, Threadripper processors will have the same production technology as the previous generation (TSMC N7). However, the four-channel DDR4 memory reinforcement and even TDP costs are not expected to change. Judging by the leaked information, the top chip 280W

It will have a TDP price of .

Existing Threadripper chips with TRX40 motherboards

We know it works in compatible form. It is highly likely that the new Chagali family will also be used with these motherboards. The first of the notable changes is the Inter-Chip Global Memory Interconnect (xGMI) face, similar to the EPYC series codenamed Milan. 16 GT/s

from 18 GT/s

Upgrade to . Of course, the most valuable change will be on the core side and the new generation Zen 3 architecture

We will see that is used.

As for the number of cores, the maximum number of 64 cores and 128 threads will be preserved, as is currently the case. However, according to new leaks, it is said that 16-core models will also be included. Other technical features of the chips that come with the code name Chagali are not obvious now. It seems that the launch date is also not far away and we will start learning new information soon.

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