Rockstar co-founder is establishing a new studio

Dan Houser, one of the founders of Rockstar Games, as well as the author and producer of the GTA series, announced that he has established a new game company. The development was spotted by Rockstar Mag.

French Rockstar Mag has found that Houser is listed for Absurd Ventures in Games, which is defined as a business that specializes in developing ready-made interactive arcade and arcade software. The company’s official business listing states that it was established on June 23 and has an office in Chesire, England.

Dan Houser gave life to many series

Whatever Houser is doing, it looks like it will generate a lot of interest. Because, in addition to being a producer in more than one game, Houser, who is considered the brain of the GTA and Red Dead Redemption series, has been the author of the games in both series.

Dan Houser left Take-Two Interactive in February of last year. Subsequently, he left his seat in Rockstar to his brother Sam Houser. Dan Houser’s new studio, which has a large share in the production and profitable series of Rockstar Games, one of the most influential developer studios in the world, seems to attract great attention from both fans and investors.

Following the departure of the famous name, the share prices of Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive dropped by about 6 percent. This corresponds to a loss of $800 million in stock value.


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