Results of Paribu’s Most Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Research

Especially during the pandemic period, interest in cryptocurrencies has increased greatly. The effects of this change are Paribu emerged more clearly in the second of his crypto money awareness and perception research.

The first is the second of the research conducted last year, change in the cryptocurrency ecosystem also revealed. Akademetre Research Company

Work by , “Cryptocurrency Awareness and Perception Research-2021”

It was published under the name .

1100 percent increase in transaction rate with cryptocurrencies

The research was carried out with the online face-to-face interview technique. Akademetre aims to reflect the reality of the results as true as possible. will represent all of Turkey formed a sample set and interviewed participants in this cluster.

According to this study, the rate of those who made transactions with crypto money last year 11 times is out. While the rate of those who made transactions with cryptocurrencies was 0.7 percent last year, this rate was 7.7 percent this year.

Another remarkable result was the increase in the rate of women who trade with crypto money. Last year, 20% of those who traded cryptocurrencies were women, but this year this rate has doubled. Anyone who trades cryptocurrencies 4 out of 10 people became a lady.

Most traded, high satisfaction

In the research, users of cryptocurrencies satisfaction rate 74% happened. The highest satisfaction was seen in the Y generation. The most valuable reason for satisfaction was profitability. It was followed by ease of process and reliability.

While 64% of the users in Turkey do the buying and selling process in general, the rate of crypto buyers for investment purposes was 50.3%. Thus, the rate of those who made the investment process doubled. In processes 7 out of 10 individuals While using Bitcoin, it was followed by Ethereum and XRP.

Highlights of the findings of the research are as follows:

  • People 80.2 percent’ have never heard of blockchain technology.
  • Those who have heard of cryptocurrencies 11% is doing process.
  • Cryptocurrency market the rate of those who find it profitable28.7%.
  • As the most valuable advantages of cryptocurrencies no time limit (77.2%) and no end of place(75.2%) is seen.
  • The most process creators university graduates emerges from the middle (49%).
  • In the middle of socioeconomic status clusters, the cluster that made the most process, with a rate of 43% C1 was the middle-upper set.
  • More than half of those who process cryptocurrencies priced employees (57.3%). It is followed by those who do not work (including students and retirees) with 29.4%.
  • The most valuable relationship of those who stopped doing the process is requires strict monitoring (9.3%).


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