Restriction for ‘Free’ Meet Meetings by Google

At the beginning of the applications that gained value with the COVID-19 epidemic, link with a view software was coming. People were able to have image conversations with others both in their professional and private lives with such practices during the periods when they were confined to their homes. One of the most well-known in this category is, of course, Google Meet

It was . The company has now made a new statement about this service.

Google Meet, person and time limitation during the COVID-19 process

without could be used. However, the company has now decided to change this era. According to the statements made by Google, the application is now with 3 or more participants can be used free of charge for a maximum of 60 minutes in meetings. Users who need more time than this, Upgrades Google accounts, which means they will have to pay Google.

Users will now be alerted at 55 minutes of the meeting

Compared to the statements made by Google, it is a priced Google Workspace meetings held by non-subscription users will automatically show an alert appearing at 55 minutes. In this notice, it is stated that the meeting limit has been reached and the meeting will be automatically completed within 5 minutes. will be closed will be specified. The meeting participants will also have to complete the meeting until this deadline expires. Otherwise of a new meeting will need to be initialized.

If there are only two participants in a meeting in Meet, Google will randomly choose that there will be no limitation says. In addition, corporate customers will not encounter any time restrictions. With this decision, Google has made Meet, one of its most used services in recent years, a service for itself. income source will have made it.


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