Record Prediction From Analyst: Wait For These Levels For Gold Price!

A valuable assumption comes as the gold price trades at $1,788. Lobo Tiggre from Independent Speculator said that market sentiment for gold and silver is currently weak. However, the analyst is targeting precious levels in gold and silver. Lobo Tiggre stresses that fundamentals are strong to push gold to $3,000 and silver to $150 per ONS. Let’s examine the predictions of analyst Lobo Tiggre in detail…

Lobo Tiggre: Gold will see $3,000 and silver $150

Lobo Tiggre of Independent Speculator said in a recent statement that he never wanted to be a “mind cheerleader” in the expensive metals arena. However, Lobo Tiggre said there are grounds for pushing gold to $3,000 and silver to $150 per ONS in the future. But according to analyst Lobo Tiggre, this climb will not happen overnight. Lobo Tiggre adds the following to his statements on the matter:

This negative feeling, this downturn in our field, is an extraordinary opportunity and I’m putting my money on it now.

Lobo Tiggre: Adjustments are natural parts of the price cycle! An excellent opportunity

Analyst Lobo Tiggre emphasized that corrections are natural cuts to the price cycle. Lobo Tiggre adds the following to his statements on the matter:

I think all the reasons for the rise of gold and silver have been fully implemented. I think most of them are already priced in. I think that the crisis in 2020 brought many of this price action forward. So this situation is natural for us. There will now be an era of correction and consolidation. I don’t see anything wrong with these markets, and if people are disappointed, my advice to them is to go and look at the gold price charts… Look at the long-term numbers and understand that the problems are short-term.

Lobo Tiggre: Investors should accept the fact that the market is calm right now

Renowned analyst Lobo Tiggre states that the price of precious metals is whatever the markets decide. In addition, Lobo Tiggre states that if the market is currently trading at $ 1,778 for gold prices and $ 26 for silver prices, investors should accept the fact that the market is calm at the moment. Cryptocoin. com, as we have previously reported, for more gold forecasts. “Analyst Shares Levels That Gold Will See in Bull and Bearish Scenario” You can review our article.

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