Rankings Announced at Formula 1 Austrian GP

Especially in the exciting Formula 1 2021 period. Red Bull and Mercedes makes the viewers very excited about the competition. Also this weekend Red Bull Ring

In the race held in , Red Bull and Mercedes teams were expected to try hard again. Indeed, it was expected.

On the other hand, in this week’s effort, Red Bull and Mercedes efforts in the last variants of the qualifying McLaren’s Lando Norris was also included and the audience watched a fierce race.

The owner of the first pocket has not changed

Max Verstappen in the third part of the Austrian GP qualifying variants followed by the first variants 1:03. 720 and rose to the leadership. However, the biggest surprise of this ranking is of course Lando Norris happened. The difference between Verstappen and the middle 0. 048 and took the second place. Hamilton and Bottas


(mtag101702)3. and

(mtag101702)4. were able to find a place for themselves in the queue.

Verstappen with this order back and forth 3 times managed to be the first in the ranking and in this period

(mtag101702)4. pole positionwon. race on sunday top 5 rankthe racers to start are as follows;

  • (mtag101702)1. Max Verstappen

  • (mtag101702)2. Lando Norris

  • (mtag101702)3. Sergio Perez

  • (mtag101702)4. Lewis Hamilton

  • 5. Valterri Bottas

In the race to be held on Sunday, these 5 drivers will also be with medium tireswill start the race.


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