“Quality” Innovation from WhatsApp: Now Sharing Photos and Videos. . .

WhatsApp is testing a new feature in the messaging app that could make sharing high-quality photos and images much easier. Currently, all the images you share with your friends or family via the messaging application, which significantly reduces their quality Compressing using lossy compression.

According to the news of WABetaInfo, In Android beta of WhatsApp (version 2. 21. 14. 16) A new tested option gives users a choice between “Data saver” (compressed) or “Best quality” when sending a photo. It is now unclear whether this “optimal quality” option means completely uncompressed or a lighter compression format that preserves the landscape quality.

Either way, for users who regularly use WhatsApp to share photos, but prefer to keep the photo intact rather than go through the compression process of the messaging app, this innovation will come as a medicine. The option will be available for both photos and videos, but it’s not clear now whether it will be available in the iOS version.

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