Qualcomm Aims To Compete With Apple M1 Chips

Famous semiconductor manufacturer undersigned in many Android devices Qualcomm considers focusing on laptop market. Giving his first interview after becoming the leader and CEO of Qualcomm Cristiano Amon, Qualcomm’s optimal laptop chips said he believed he might have. To design these chips we can say that there is no one better than the team of engineers who once worked at Apple.. Having bought Nuvia, the company founded by former Apple engineers, a few months ago, Qualcomm will work hard to catch Apple M1 chips.

Although Qualcomm builds the chips that power many Android phones, the chip designer ultimately plans the kernel blueprint. ARM. If the company is today able to design own portable kernel plan and it’s almost broken from ARM. After the portable chip giant also bought the chip company called Nuvia for $ 1.4 billion, leaded to invest heavily in laptop processors. At this point, the desire of Cristiano Amon, the new CEO of Qualcomm, to be in different markets has a great impact.

The return to the developing laptop market, especially after the Nuvia acquisition, may open the doors of a different beginning for Qualcomm. nuvia, Gerard Williams, chief designer of Apple chips from A7 to A12X was a short-lived enterprise. Gerard Williams founded Nuvia after leaving Apple for violating elements of his employment contract was sued with Apple. Williams has been Qualcomm’s owner since the Nuvia sale. senior vice leader engineering

It is located at and leads the company’s efforts to design its own laptop processors.

In an interview with Reuters, Cristiano Amon said; Built using Qualcomm’s ARM core design To compete with the M1 processor said he needed his own chip designs. In the continuation of the interview, Amon said, “If ARM, with whom we have been working for years, develops a CPU design that is more adequate than we can do, then we will probably have the option to license from ARM. saying ” ARM has also left an open door. Reuters reports Qualcomm’s next year Nuvia that he will start selling chip designs he has developed, but to see these designs on devices in the market is in need of a year stated.

Currently, Qualcomm is focused only on the laptop market. The company; dominated by NVIDIA, AMD and Intel no plans to enter the knowledge center market. In this regard, Cristiano Amon has agreed to license Nuvia chip designs exclusively for Qualcomm’s information centers. says he’s willing but the main purpose is of course not this area.

It is possible to live in this competition because Qualcomm produces connection chips for iPhones today. Ties with Apple may be completely broken. The two companies went through a lengthy court case in 2019, and around this time, it was claimed that there were talks that turned into hostility amid Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and Qualcomm’s former CEO Steve Mollenkopf. Do not forget to share your intentions about the subject in the comments.

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