Pullbacks to buy gram gold can create good buying opportunity


The gram price of gold sees the process at the level of 497 liras after starting the day with a horizontal course. Quarter gold is sold at 815 liras, and Republican gold at 3,320 liras. Yalçınkaya, Integral Investment Research Manager, evaluated it in the form of “Real pullbacks to the level of 480 TL for gram gold investors may provide a suitable buying opportunity”.

The gram price of gold, starting the day horizontally, is seeing the process at 497.0 liras, quickly above the previous closing with the prestige of 10:00. In one-to-one minutes, quarter gold is sold at 815 liras and Republic gold at 3,320 liras.

The ounce price of gold, which fell to $ 1,812.3 with a loss of 0,9 percent on the last day of the last week, is currently at $ 1,804, 0.5 percent below the previous closing.

Analysts reported that the decrease in the ounce price of gold was compensated by the 0.3 percent increase in the dollar rate, and the gram price of gold remained flat.

Analysts, who stated that the risk appetite in global markets decreased due to inflation concerns, uncertainties regarding monetary policies and increasing new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) events, reminded that domestic markets will enter the Eid al-Adha holiday this afternoon.

Analysts stated that in international markets, the European Central Bank (ECB) meeting on Thursday this week will be followed by the leading Purchasing Managers Index information on Friday.

Source: bigpara. Liberty. com. en

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