Prototype of Xiaomi’s new tablet has been spotted

While transitioning from residential to working model due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the demand for mobile devices, especially by students and the business world, increased. The tablet that has lost blood for years and PC market started to grow for the first time. In fact, things got to the point where demand was not met due to breaks in the supply chain. Xiaomi is one of the companies that want to turn the crisis into an opportunity.

its latest presence in the tablet market. With Mi Pad 4 model

It was leaked that Xiaomi showing will return. spoken for months For Mi Pad 5 model drawings made with the sketch technique appeared. In addition, different versions of the device were also detailed.

How will the Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 design be?

keeping quiet for a while Mi Pad series returns with its fifth generation. Enuma (model K81), Elish (K81A) and Nabul (K82)

The work, which is expected to come in three versions , is a candidate to be a direct competitor of the Samsung Galaxy Tab series and Apple iPad, according to the argument. The future of the K82, which is known to be the most powerful variant of the family and contains the Snapdragon 860 chipset, is in the midst of arguments, with a screen with 2K resolution and high refresh rate.

Prototype drawings leaked Nabul (K82) alias Xiaomi MiPad 5 model’s body and back design has been revealed. Looking at the drawings, it is possible to understand that starting from the screen, the upper and lower frame sizes have been reduced compared to its predecessor. In addition, it did not go unnoticed that the widths were made equally in all corners of the screen. In addition, it was understood that the front-facing camera and light sensor were positioned at the top.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 has a total of four speakers, two on the top and two on the bottom. On its right side, there is a wireless charging point where a pen similar to the Apple Pencil will be located. On the left, there is a small part that is thought to be an iPad-like keyboard stand. It was revealed that the camera array of the tablet, whose back cover was also revealed, is identical to the Xiaomi Mi 11 series. In addition, it was revealed that it will be powered by the USB Type-C port.

So what do you think about the state of the Xiaomi Mi Pad series and the tablets in the Android ecosystem in general? Is it enough for a residential user in today’s conditions? Do not forget to mention your ideas in the comment section.


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