Processor surprise on Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro



Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro new leaks for smartphones keep coming. Accordingly, Google, which entered the smartphone world with Nexus phones, is preparing to jump a new threshold. Judging by the new leaks, new Pixel 6

(mtag101705) and Pixel 6 Pro models Google processor.

Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro features revealed

Jon Pressor, one of the valuable leak sources of the technology world, revealed the features with the Google Pixel 6 series. Among these features, the most striking Google processor was the highlight.

According to the post by Pressor Orielcodenamed Pixel 6 features in the following format:

Display: 6. 4-inch AMOLED
Art Camera :50 Megapixels (Wide angle) and 12 Megapixels (Ultra wide angle)
Front Camera: 8 Megapixels
CPU:Google (codenamed GS01 or Whitechapel)
Ram: 8GB
Storage: 128GB/256GB
Operating system:Android 12

As you know Google Pixel 5

It’s not the first time that has developed a flagship Pixel. reprocessor. 780G, it is considered to be a medium-high level performance. Pixel series we are facing. In terms of the screen and camera, the leaked features are quite fast. Codenamed Raven Pixel 6 Pro features will be in the following format:

Display: 6. 71-inch Plastic OLED
Art Camera:50 Megapixels (Wide angle) and 48 Megapixels (Telephoto) and 12 Megapixels (Ultra wide angle)
Front Camera:12MP

(mtag101705) Google (codenamed GS01 or Whitechapel)
Operating System:Android 12

Google Pixel 6 has much more argumentative features both on the camera side and on the screen side. Especially Pixel 5, Google, which could not meet the expectations, comes with two precious smartphones at the mid-high level, if the leaks are true. It is a matter of curiosity how performance the Google processor will be. Earlier Pixel 6 for model Snapdragon 870 was claimed to be used.

Google processor GS01 and its known features

It is not clear what features the processor has now. However, considering the previously claimed features, it is thought that it will come up with an architecture similar to Snapdragon 780G. Compared to this Whitechapel

(mtag101705) or GS01

has the codename processor octa-core and 5nm processor architecture.

Google processor two high-performance A-78 core, two performance A-76 will come with the kernel. To save power on the processor 4 A-55 cores is located. It is usual that this architectural structure is now unconfirmed.

Judging by the previous arguments Whitechapel or GS01

This processor named is only Pixel 6 will not appear. Theses are that Google will also use this processor in the Chromebook series. So in a sense, Google is Apple’s to M1 processor is also preparing to become a competitor.


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