Prices of Some of Samsung’s New Products Revealed

2021 started very active for Samsung and it continues. The South Korean technology giant, at the beginning of the year, at the UNPACKED event launched the new Galaxy S21 family, and it continues to come up with news of new works ever since.

The company, especially the new smartwatch family, has recently Galaxy Watch 4 and new foldable phones is on the agenda and new information comes back and forth. The latest news reveals the prices of the works that we will see at the next UNPACKED event.

Price of new smartwatches and wireless headphones leaked:

Samsung’s aforementioned UNPACKED event in august is expected to be edited. Although there is no official statement pointing to august 11 in the middle of the works to be introduced at this event, new Galaxy Watch 4 series

It is said to be . With two different models as Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic The prices of the upcoming series are as follows:

  • Galaxy Watch 4

40mm: 410 – 435 dollars (3,565 TL – 3,780 TL)

44mm: $450 – $475 (3,910 TL – 4,130 TL)

  • Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

42mm: 550 – 590 dollars (4,780 TL – 5,130 TL)

46mm: $590 – $625 (5.130 TL – 5.435)

Your Galaxy Watch 4 black, silver, gold and green is thought to come with four different color options. Whereas the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic in black and silver colors is thought to be in the future. According to some information that has emerged, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will also come in ‘gray’ color apart from these two color options. Also, Samsung 44mm Galaxy Watch 4 Classic also has to offer is being considered.

When we look at Samsung’s new wireless headset Galaxy Buds 2, we see that the price tag mid 210 – $235

We see that . This is approximately at the current exchange rate excluding taxes.

(mtag101702)1. 825 TL to 2,045 TL points to a changing price in the middle.

These prices and information are from official sources. not verified information. For this reason, we have the chance to compete with differences in both price and features of the works. However, it should be noted that these changes will not be very big changes. It seems that we will have to wait until August to reach the most accurate information.


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