Praising Samsung, OnePlus deleted those tweets!



OnePlusofficial Twitter account, Samsung

for praisefull posts did. OnePlus’ From India account, S Pen

for “My weapon of choice” description has arrived. But the company removed its shares in a short time. The screenshots of the shares of the Chinese technology company were enough to be on the agenda on Twitter.

OnePlus shares praise for the Samsung S Pen

We have witnessed that technology companies come to the fore with various accidents on social media. The most common example we saw was brands using Android, tweeting with iPhone. However, the event that OnePlus experienced took this situation much further. The firm tweeted in the taste of advertising work for its competitor’s work.


https://twitter. com/yabhishekhd/status/1413099230021885957

Chinese brand in its tweet Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and a short image of the S Pen. He also wrote “Improved #SPen is my weapon of choice” in the description. OnePlusby Samsung S Pen

for praise

It is assumed that the PR company is behind the posts.

On the other hand, this is not the first accident OnePlus has experienced on social media. Company, OnePlus 9 series

About , Tweet from iPhone had posted. The brand also deleted this post in a short time, but the screenshots were enough for the event to be on the agenda.


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