Popular Football Club Will Receive Payments With Bitcoin (BTC)

AZ Alkmaar, one of the leading football clubs in the Netherlands, will receive payments in Bitcoin (BTC) through a partnership with a local cryptocurrency exchange.

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Dutch cryptocurrency provider Bitcoin Meester has become the exclusive partner of AZ Alkmaar, one of the most beautiful football groups. As a module of the settlement, the group will receive some of the funds in Bitcoin.

AZ Alkmaar, one of the most successful football groups in the Netherlands, announced its collaboration with Bitcoin Meester on its official website. The local cryptocurrency provider will be the organizer of the club and part of the sponsorship price will be paid in Bitcoin. Additionally, the group said that it will keep the received BTC on its balance sheet. This will make AZ Alkmaar the first Dutch club to make such an attack. The team’s Commercial Manager, Michael Koster, explained the reasons behind the deal:

“The cryptocurrency market has been booming in recent years, with users growing exponentially. It’s attractive, but in a new market, this direction is certainly valuable. Not everyone is already familiar with cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin Meester is able to guide new users in this world in a responsible manner. ”

Bitcoin Meester CEO Mitchell Zandwijken noted that sports and especially football are one of the most valuable markets due to the huge fan base here. He described the collaboration with the Dutch club as “strategic” as the cryptocurrency firm will have the opportunity to introduce AZ supporters and the rest of the country to virtual currencies.

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