Pokemon Go Brings In $5 Billion In 5 Years

A huge hit since its release Pokemon Go, manufacturer Niantic in celebration of the game’s 5th anniversary benefit from in-game purchases $5 billion left behind.

The last milestone reached shows that the game brings in about 1 billion dollars every year. Pokemon Go, in the category of geographic position-based augmented reality game, 2021

the first half of the year 641. 6 million dollars maintains its leadership worldwide with its benefits. These numbers rank Pokemon Go, which has generated $261 million in benefits in the first six months this year. Square Enix generation Dragon Quest Walk and Ludia manufacture Jurassic World Alive

It positions it in front of .

Pokemon Go Increases Its Utility Every Year

first half of 2021, 2020

With a revenue increase of 34% compared to the first half of and 130% compared to the first half of 2017, it was the best start time for Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go broke a world record by reaching $1.3 billion in in-game purchases in 2020. These data show that purchases are increasing by 41% each year.

Ranked #1 amid countries where Pokemon Go has benefited the most United States is located. The game generated $1.9 billion in revenue in the US, 36% of gaming spending nationwide. It makes up 6. Japan is in second place with 32%, while Germany is at 5%. He is in third place with a ratio of 4.


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