PlayStation State of Play Stream Begins! God of War: Ragnarok Coming?

It’s time for State of Play! Well, what new things will PlayStation introduce to game lovers in its new State of Play live broadcast? God of War Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West’

Will we be able to see ?

In the new State of Play broadcast, Deathloop with detailed gameplay footage, we will be able to see innovations from many independent productions and third party games.

It’s been a while at State of Play this month God of War, Horizon Forbidden West or new generation PlayStation VR was also eagerly awaited to be mentioned about updates. However, according to PlayStation’s statement, this publication will not include these 3 betting titles. However, the following sentence of the PlayStation group in its statement gave rise to hope: “Still, stay tuned throughout the summer, because we will have more updates soon.”

Yes, State of Play broadcast, Thursday night, July 8th at 23:55 will be broadcast live on PlayStation YouTube and Twitch accounts.

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