PlayStation Games Coming to Netflix

Now we mentioned a few days ago that Netflix intends to enter the gaming market. Although the video streaming platform has released many series and movies before, it is very valuable for it to enter the game platform. Because Netflix has 200 million active subscribers worldwide.

On the other hand, Netflix apparently has more comprehensive plans. There is even talk of establishing a partnership with Sony, and we may soon see PlayStation games on Netflix.

Steve Moser examined the Netflix application and many different details surfaced. According to the data discovered, DualSense controller reinforcement will be added to the new game service. However, what is even more interesting is that there is a screenshot of Ghost of Tsushima, one of the PlayStation games, in the application.

Moser also said that the game project is currently run under the name “Shark” and its icon is a shark fin. He even discovered a logo with the words “N Game”.

Sony’s partnership with Netflix to bring the PlayStation game library to more than 200 million subscribers looks like a mutually beneficial push for both Netflix and PlayStation. It is a matter of curiosity when Netflix will officially announce this subsidiary. But to such an extent that these may remain mere rumours.

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