Performance of M1 processor stunned Apple executive



based on ARM architecture Apple Silicon M1

The chip has been awarded the Hero Breakthrough award given annually by Tom’s Guide. Tom’s Guide, who interviewed company executives to ask what they were working on from the development process of the chip to the launch stage, conveyed a pleasant conversation between Apple CEO and marketing manager behind closed doors.

Bob Borchers, Apple’s vice president of global artifact marketing, said they spent hours trying a MacBook with the M1 chip. confused by the lack of charge brought it to the language. Tim Cook’s response to Borchers made people smile.

“We thought there was a problem with the battery indicator”

Bob Borchers and a group of Apple employees were running various tests on the MacBook while the M1 was now in development. One of them is was battery test. They were trying to find out how long the computer’s charge would last during daily use, surfing the internet, working and other usage conditions. Borchers and his group’s MacBook with M1 processor used it for a few hours, but its charge did not decrease in any way.

Bob Borchers, who could not hide his surprise at this situation, initially thought that the battery indicator of the device was broken. According to him, it was not even possible that the charge would not decrease despite a few hours of use. The MacBook where they tried this event considered that there is a problem with the battery indicator was trying to explain. However, the truth of the matter was not as Borchers thought, the MacBook with the M1 processor did not compromise its battery for several hours.

Apple CEO Tim Cook was also in their place at the time. Seeing Bob Borchers’ surprise, Cook told him the battery indicator was not broken. In a humorous and ridiculous language “Oh no, everything as it should be”, he said. Borchers, on the other hand, did not hesitate to express his astonishment once more, replying, “This is incredible.”

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