Passing Apple in sales, Xiaomi set its sights higher



The report released this week showed that Xiaomi surpassed Apple in smartphone sales to come in second on the list. According to the latest report, Xiaomi’s next goal, which has increased its market share to 17 percent, is quite ambitious.

Xiaomi aims to top China in phone sales

As in many other sectors, China is an incredible market in the technology department. Xiaomi is one of the prominent manufacturers in the country, which has a strict administration with a large number of potential customers. The China-based company has so far made a name for itself in terms of price / performance around the world. In doing so, he also achieved valuable success in China.

Passing Apple in smartphone sales, Xiaomi’s next goal is to become the best-selling phone manufacturer in China. Xiaomi’s company policy and the shopping habits of users in China conflicted until last year. Research has shown that those who are considering buying a new phone prefer to buy from the store rather than the internet, contradicting Xiaomi’s policy.

Xiaomi’s plans include increasing physical stores

Until last year, Xiaomi used to load its sales online to keep costs low. The situation changed when the company realized the potential of physical stores in China. After all, Xiaomi should increase the number of physical stores if it wants to be the best seller in China.

The company’s CEO, Lei Jun, as expected, supports the physical store policy. It seems that in the future, these sales points will be valued in countries that love physical stores, especially in China.

While the phones produced by Xiaomi are divided into segments, there is not much difference for iPhones. Still, Xiaomi managed to overtake Apple, at least in terms of sales numbers. In the coming days, we will see what kind of path the Chinese company will take.


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