OPPO’s First Gamer Phone Design Revealed

A patent obtained by the Chinese technology company OPPO at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has come to light. The patent, which was applied for on May 28 and has been approved recently, is a part of OPPO. player phone reveals that he is working on it. This situation, A winner for OPPO attribute.

The patent documents published by EUIPO show that the player phone OPPO is working on design also shows. If you wish, let’s look at this design first, and then let’s talk about what the design offers.

OPPO’s first player phone will look like this

The published images show that OPPO’s upcoming phone is quite future with thin frames reveals it. However, the front camera is not included in these views. The patent documents do not say anything about the front camera, but the phone will probably have a hole in the upper left part and the front camera will be placed there. After all, it’s a gaming phone, and the company has improved the viewing angle with a hole in the top center of the screen. will not want to collapse.

When we look at the back of the phone, we see the presence of a quad camera setup. Of course, this camera setup technical details unknown. In addition, in the middle of the back case of this phone, there will most likely be an “O” with LED lighting. The phone is already adoring OPPO fans. will excite, but we should not forget the possibility that this patent will never become a real work.


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