OPPO Smartphones Coming With Memory Expansion Feature

OPPO started to offer memory (RAM) expansion feature for some smartphone models with the update of its operating system interface ColorOS to version 11.3. In case the memory demand of the users increases or the most powerful applications are used, the system can add from 1 GB to 5 GB depending on the model of the smartphone by allocating space from the internal storage resources. For example, 8GB of memory in Reno5 and Reno5 Lite models can be added to 5GB if needed. In the same way, 3GB can be added to the 4GB memory of the A74 model, which is in the A Series.

Thanks to the new feature, users can use many powerful applications and games at the same time without loss of performance. Especially on models with less available memory, the RAM+ option reduces memory fragmentation as a result of improved performance.

Users can quickly adjust the RAM upgrade setting by selecting the RAM option in the ‘About Phone’ section under the ‘Settings’ menu.

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