OnePlus Prevents Devices from Using Full Capacity

, which has powerful flagships as well as price performance models it produces. Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus is alleged to have used inappropriate techniques in performance tests. According to the information, OnePlus is reducing the performance of its smartphones.

While allowing certain applications to use the device at full capacity, some people on this subject restricted also made a post about the alleged OnePlus on Geekbench. OnePlus, which received reflections from the technology community and consumers, also has statements about the bet. Here are the details:

Some applications are blocked from accessing high-performance X1 cores:

  • Geekbench has removed the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro from its benchmark list. (Click here if you can’t view the tweet)

Smartphone manufacturer’s OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro models showed differences in performance tests. The reason for these differences is that one of the tests done on the device is done through the benchmark application, and the other one is tested. Via Google Chrome was that it was made. The results show that the same device achieves different scores.

In the midst of apps affected by the performance throttling we mentioned Google Chrome, Twitter, Microsoft Office, Zoom, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Discord and many other well-known applications. But Geekbench

A few apps that measure and list performance as are running the devices at their full capacity. This ensures that the phone, which you would normally suspect of being slow, continues to achieve decent scores in benchmark tests.

This is where the speech made by a representative by OnePlus comes into play. To put it briefly, the representative is based on the feedback received from the users. best user experience states that they aim to present, therefore, some applications should work at the most suitable power for them.

According to the statement, battery life and device temperature are kept under control. However, users who pay large sums of money for these devices, Snapdragon 888

It is normal for other devices using the processor to rebel against faster operation. While the benchmark applications we mentioned can access high-performance X1 cores, other applications cannot use these cores.

Finally, although the OnePlus representative said that this was done for battery health, the battery performance of the OnePlus 9 Pro very inconsistent, it was revealed by the tests. You can share your betting intentions in the comments section.


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