NVIDIA DLSS and AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Technology Compared in Games

Marvel’s Avengers and Necromunda: Hired Gun were games that were already powered by NVIDIA’s DLSS technology. On the other hand, these games got AMD FidelityFX Superb Resolution (FSR) technology a few days ago. Thus, the opportunity to observe the quality difference between the two technologies was born.

Both technologies were compared by Back4BuckPC Gamer, using 4K resolution and top quality presets. The general impressions of Back4BuckPC, which made the benchmark, are that FSR is a very successful alternative to DLSS at 4K resolution and highest quality settings. At this point, you can take a look at the details by watching the entire image.

On the other hand, Twitter user @KanaSaber compared both technologies at 1080p and 1440p resolutions. Judging by the screenshots, it seems that FSR lags behind DLSS at these resolutions. However, it is worth noting that FSR quality mode is used here, not FSR Ultra Quality.

FSR only upscales 1440p images here and it can be said to do quite well compared to native 4K quality. However, DLSS offers a more detailed quality down to fine hair strands.

Finally, it’s good to be reminded. AMD FidelityFX Great Resolution technology is now very new and will continue to evolve over time. NVIDIA DLSS technology has been used in games for a long time.

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