Not Bitcoin! Wealthy and Educated Investors Are Buying From These 2 Altcoins

The Bank for International Payments (BIS) says that powerful and educated investors prefer to buy from two major altcoin projects over Bitcoin (BTC). Let’s examine the findings of the International Payments Bank together…

Bank of International Payments: These 3 altcoin holders are in the strongest group!

In a new report, the Bank for International Settlements looks at investor activity in the crypto space, broken down by central banks’ global financial assets, education and income level. The Bank for International Settlements says the following about the bet:

Amid the various cryptocurrencies, XRP and Ether holders are the most educated, Litecoin (LTC) holders are the least educated, and Bitcoin holders are in the middle. Cryptocurrency holders have a higher-than-average household income level, with XRP, Ether and Stellar (XLM) holders being the wealthiest.

In terms of income, ETH, XRP, LTC, XLM and EOS holders are superior to Bitcoin holders!

XRP and ETH holders alone outstrip Bitcoin holders in terms of both income and education. Owners of altcoin XRP, ETH and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which are known for education, are above Bitcoin investors. In terms of income, holders of ETH, XRP, LTC, XLM and EOS have higher rankings than holders of Bitcoin.

The report reveals that Bitcoin is the most owned cryptocurrency, followed by ETH and LTC. In terms of recognition, BCH comes second after the king coin. Based on these findings, the BIS provides an interesting view of crypto in terms of trends identified in cryptocurrency holders. The Bank for International Payments states the following:

As knowledge about cryptocurrencies becomes widespread, ownership remains finite with a niche population. In 2014, only 40% of US citizens were aware of at least one cryptocurrency (mainly Bitcoin). This rate rose to almost 70% in 2019. If the trend continues, in a year or two the entire US population will recognize at least one cryptocurrency. The adoption and use of cryptocurrencies is still not high. Only 1% of the US population. 4 of them owned at least one cryptocurrency in 2019.

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