Nokia wants to return to the old days with its new phone!

Nokia,In a post on Twitter, “With our latest Nokia phone, you’ll never need a case again!” said. Post for new device July 27 points to the launch date. The company, which has managed to attract attention, wants to remind its followers of the old days.

Has Nokia’s trademark license HMD Global, earlier this year launched mid and low segment phones in the X-G-C series. However, the brand remained silent except for these devices. Now, company engineers are working on a new model that will arouse curiosity in those who care about durability in smartphones.

Nokia wants to stand out with durability

We do not know now whether the phone in the shared image is the last piece. Still, it’s unlikely that the phone will only promise a harder plastic design. The brand’s introduction of a rugged device that can withstand drops from height and water is amid realistic assumptions. At least, the new model that will be released should take the example of its grandfather 3310. Nokia 3310was not strong against water but it is an undeniable fact that it has gained a reputation as an absolute tank all over the world.

https://twitter. com/NokiaMobile/status/1414902438331437057

Some sources say that the phone we will see soon Nokia XR20 it says it could be. This phone is new Nokia X20

In the midst of speculation that it is a device developed from . The upcoming model will most likely be a more robust version of the Nokia X20. In addition, the device has recently GeekBench

It is said to appear on .

The phone is likely to have common features with the Nokia X20

On the side of the original X20 processor Snapdragon 480 5G

It is powered by . 64 Megapixel main camera

(mtag101705) and 4.470mAh battery is another feature of the device. Therefore, it will not be surprising that the device to be introduced will have some of these features. Nokia has stayed in our minds more than its extreme technological features with durability.

The brand, which entered the mobile phone industry rapidly in the past thirty years and became a giant all of a sudden, had a hard time keeping up with the losers. The brand, which was defeated by its competitors, was late in realizing its mistake. The company, which wants to return to its old days, continues to work on this path. We will always see together how much of an impact durability will have, which was once one of the most valuable features for mobile phones.

If this strategy does not work, it is expected to continue to be onerous days for the company. Are you still interested in Nokia smartphones? What do you think ‘ durability‘ will it be enough to save the brand? Your comments in the comments section and SDN Forum

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