No More Wi-Fi Dead Zone Problems

The inability of Wi-Fi signals to reach every point of the house as strongly as possible is a common problem for many houses today. Due to the size of the houses, the thickness of the walls, and long corridors, the signals emitted by modems or routers cannot reach every room and every point with adequate strength and quality. There are many network analyzes on this issue; The most well-known of these and the most preferred in our country are the works that expand the Wi-Fi range. The leader of the wireless network market, TP-Link® has added a new model with powerful features to its wealthy range extender family.

RE550 model new range extender can transmit Wi-Fi signals to a wider area with its powerful antennas and OneMesh reinforcement. Thanks to AC and dual band reinforcement, it also offers high wireless connection speeds. The work also has an access point-AP mode and meets many needs of users with its high-speed wired connection base.

Range extenders that transmit the Wi-Fi signal received from the modem or router to other parts of the house by repeating it at the point where it is found, are artifacts that are used by plugging in. In order to get the best efficiency from the work, it is very valuable to place it in the real spot. The product, which works by being plugged into an outlet where a strong signal is received from the modem and pairing with the modem in a very easy form, can easily solve the dead zone problem in a standard residence with its wide coverage area. The smart signal indicator on the RE550 guides users in positioning the device to the real point. In addition, thanks to TP-Link’s iOS and Android-based Tether application, both the execution of the work and the management after it can be done in an extremely easy and comfortable way.

Both Wireless and Wired High Speed, Wide Coverage

The work, which has dual band reinforcement, can reach wireless speeds of 1300Mbps in the 5 GHz band and 600Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band. Thanks to these high speeds, applications such as online games, video conferencing and HD cinema can be made easily. Thanks to features such as Adaptive Path Selection and High Speed ​​Mode in the work, the fastest connection path to the router is automatically selected, and the bandwidth is maximized. These, in turn, increase the performance of the Wi-Fi network and improve the users’ experience.

There are three adjustable, powerful antennas on the RE550. These antennas allow Wi-Fi signals to be transmitted over a wider area. In addition, the device, which has TP-Link’s OneMesh reinforcement, automatically creates a mesh network when used with a OneMesh powered modem or router. In this way, you can enjoy uninterrupted communication in your home with the exact network name and password.

There is one Gigabit Ethernet port on the range extender. Devices that are included in the network via cable can connect to this point and access the network at high speed. The work also enables to make the wired connection wireless in AP mode. Moreover, a wireless network based on 3 x 3 MIMO can be created. For this, simply plugging the Ethernet wireless into the RE550 is sufficient.

Recommended range of RE550 range extender sales price 85 USD including VAT.

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