NFT Marketplace for Artists Established

The innovations brought by technology and digitalization have also transformed the art world. As digital copyrights spread, a valuable breakthrough came from Smaugs NTF. Positioned as an artificial intelligence-based marketplace for NFTs (non-fungible tokens), defined as digital certificates that turn digital artworks and collectibles into registrable and salable assets, the platform has announced that it will allow works to be digitized and offered for sale quickly. Smaugs NTF Founder of SmaugsNFT, computer engineer Emre Ulgaç, said, “As a team, we have developed a system to create new NFT artifacts using artificial intelligence. We also aim to offer users much stronger payment options by collaborating with many different tokens.”

Many different tokens can be traded

Explaining the starting point of the Smaugs NTF project with the opportunity to access new financial opportunities that the blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused decentralized finance concept offers to people from all over the world, Emre Ulgaç said, “DeFi, the abbreviation of Decentralized and Finance, that is decentralized finance, is a rapidly growing system in the classical financial system. emerged as an alternative. NFT tokens have also become popular recently in an ecosystem built on the element of transparency. But we saw that they lacked two valuable things, which are liquidity and some necessary incentives in the crypto space. That’s where DeFi protocols come into play and ‘Yield Farming’ and Stake’. We have created an ecosystem consisting of Governance and DeFi as well as NFT by implementing the artificial intelligence-based NFT market Smaugs NFT. The biggest difference that distinguishes this marketplace from others is the ability to buy and sell many different tokens and Sending random NFT Token gifts to them. In this system, which is left entirely to the management of its users with its decentralized function, it is possible to digitize the works quickly and put them up for sale,” he said.

“We aim to create a fairer marketing ecosystem”

Emre Ulgaç conveyed the details regarding the functioning of the beta, that is, the test stage, as follows: “The works in Smaugs NFT will stand out compared to the number of views of other users. An advertising system will be created for users who cannot provide this. Users can highlight the works they want on a daily or monthly basis. They will be able to reach more people by highlighting their own profiles directly. Various advertising activities will be carried out not only inside the platform, but also outside, 10 new users will be given free advertising rights every day. In this way, we aim to create a fairer marketing ecosystem where everyone can earn income. In this context, NFT We will allow tokens to be locked using staking and withdrawn more expensive when the staking deadline expires, and DeFi, NFT markets will grow with reward incentives for trading or creating small collections. Moreover, we will also provide the opportunity to earn Smaugs Tokens for the processes in question. ”

Security rating 91 out of 100

Pancakeswap of Smaugs NFT (SMG) token with a total supply of 90 million, Biki. com and Bitmart exchanges and that they expect it to be listed on one of the major exchanges soon, Emre Ulgaç concluded his words as follows: “One of the biggest advantages offered by Smaugs NFT is low process interruptions. Process interruptions in the Ethereum network, which are in the middle of 3 to 50 dollars, It changes only in the middle of 10 to 50 cents on the NFT platform.The partners and sponsors of the project are Tosdis Finance, Dapp, Nuls and CertiK.CertiK is a company that oversees smart contracts and blockchain networks, and produces security solutions not only for decentralized but also centralized systems. According to their current data, Smaugs NFT’s rating is 91 out of 100.”

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