News From Apple Says It Has A Big Goal For The iPhone 13

Before Apple’s announcement in the next few months, the new iPhone 13 (or iPhone 12S) is said to accelerate production. The allegations are on the side that the company will launch with more stock than for the iPhone 12 series.

According to rumors, Apple is one of its suppliers. Produces more than 90 million iPhones requested. Considering that 75 million iPhone 12s were produced last year, this is at production capacity. to a 20 percent increase corresponds.

While minor technological advances are expected in this year’s new iPhone, Apple’s wants to take advantage of the 5G phone demand wave and also seems to think that the restrictions brought by the worldwide pandemic will help increase phone sales.

According to the news of Bloomberg, the increase in production numbers, Apple’s Chinese smartphone manufacturer, which is also affected by the shortage of supply chain. Huawei’ shows that he is trying to make use of the sanctions in the most adequate form.

Apple has had to shift many of the assembly of new iPhones to China as contract companies in India have been hit hard by the second wave of Covid-19 in the country. The lion’s share in production Foxconn’ is said to have it. Foxconn performs the entire assembly of the 6.7-inch iPhone 13 Pro Max, Apple’s premium model. It is possible that iPhone 13 devices will come with faster 5G, improved optical zoom, new image recording features and a larger battery.

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