New Song From Turkish Rapper Robot: The World Is Cold [Video]

In a content we shared with you in the past months, Tolga Özuygur

From the project of a robotics expert named we mentioned. This project is a self-writing and singing ” E-Bliss“. While this different project attracted great attention, Özuygur had his artificial intelligence-based robot make another music. This time, E-Bliss was one of the female representatives of Turkish rap music. Ruby also accompanies.

The new music of Tolga Özuygur’s artificial intelligence reinforced robot, ” The World is Cold“. The music, which can be listened to, is not much different from the works of professional rappers. clip shot and this clip showcases what we may encounter in the music world of the coming years.

E-Bliss and Ruby’s new rap music: The World Is Cold

The video, which was published on YouTube in the past hours, is already More than 30 thousand has reached the number of views. When we look at the comments made on the image, general we see. Of course, the updates that Özuygur will make to the artificial intelligence-based robot will enable this robot to perform much more suitable work.

How did you find E-Bliss and Ruby’s “World Cold” music? You can share your ideas with us. . .


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